Get the popcorn out, turn the lights down low and get ready to unwind with your favorite epic movie, or set the mood with the right ambiance, right song in real life surround sound! Whether you need to order a new entertainment system or have an existing system that you need professionally installed we provide the highest quality in installation as well as optimum acoustic performance.


        Music touches everyone. It is around us; it cheers us up, calms us, moves us and makes us dream. Aware of its benefits, SAFE-TECH suggests integrating it in all of our life spaces with a multiroom audio system. Thus, in your house, each one of your rooms will be equipped with speaker enclosures suited to the room configuration. A candle light dinner, a night with some friends in the basement, an intimate whirlpool bath for two, music is with you whatever you do, wherever you areā€¦      


        SAFE-TECH has experience with complete audio visual system implantation including audio video design, programming, and AV equipment installation. SAFE-TECH specializes in Corporate AV, Education AV, Government AV, House of Worship AV, Auditorium Design & Installation, Boardroom Design & Installation.