Security Film is a micro-thin transparent window laminate which turns regular glass windows into barriers that can resist the force of several blows, small firearms, bombs, high impact projectiles, and violent weather. It can be applied to both new and retrofit application.

        Our Security Laminate blocks 99% of the UV rays and is highly effective at reducing unwanted heat, glare and harmful UV rays that fade the color of your curtains, furniture and floors.

        Did you know that 2 out of 3 break-ins occur through glass, the easiest point of entry? Security laminates work as an integral element for maximum glass strength. It holds glass together (even when broken) like an invisible shield, protecting your household from theft, vandalism, accidents and violent weather conditions. In fact you can apply to any glass surfaces in your home, be it patio doors, basement windows, or side lights.

        Reinforcing glass surfaces and securing windows at your place of business is an entirely affordable investment. Accidental injuries from broken glass lead to expensive repercussions and a bad reputation. Stolen assets, damage to property and shattered windows are also expensive to replace and affect your business operations, and insurance premiums. With the advanced technology that SAFE-TECH Security offers, glass surfaces in any commercial setting can retain its visual appeal without compromising safety and security.

        SAFE-TECH Security's glass laminates are thicker, better quality and more resistant than other similar products. Extensive third party testing revealed that our security laminate is superior to the competitions, by exceeding the following test standards:

  • BMAG (Blast Mitigation Action Group) Level 1

  • GSA (Government Services Administration) Level 2 

  • MREL (Government Resource Engineering Limited) Open Air Blast 50lb.bomb 

  • UL (Underwriters Laboratory) -752-1995 Bullet Resistance

  • ULC (Underwriters Laboratory Canada) –s332-93 Burglary Resistance

  • CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Burglary Resistance

  • ASTM(American Society for Testing Materials) Surface Burning & Flame Spread

  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z97.1