Access control is a growing area in the security market. Electronic access control is not something that is new. Taking this access control one step further we can control front doors, garden gates or electric driveway gates. Give your staff access to authorised areas and deny access to unauthorised areas on your site with Access Control.  The system can be used on its own or integrated into your existing security system.


The control of these physical security devices can be via:


PIN code pad

Proximity card reader

Biometric fingerprint reader

Key fob style transmitter (such as your garage door)

Video intercom release button


With Access Control you can:

Link to your CCTV system to allow visual confirmation of personnel

Link with time-log systems for personnel records


These sophisticated access control systems can also be linked to your IT network to allow you to review the systems history, and track a person’s access throughout a building. This same software can also control card issue and photo ID onto any cards if required.


Safe-tech Integrated Systems can install an access control system as simple as a single door or gate secured by a pin pad or proximity card reader to restrict access to authorised users.



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