At Safe-Tech Security we will provide you with reliable and secure protection for your home and business. Safe-Tech Security is fully insured, licensed and bonded. To ensure that you are in good hands all Safe-Tech personnel must successfully undergo a yearly security investigation by the BSP (Bureau de la Sécurité Privé). Our experienced professionals will customize a security system to suit your every need.



If intruders enter your alarm-protected area, they will be greeted with a piercing 15-watt siren. An alarm signal is simultaneously sent to our monitoring station and handled by our trained professionals, who are dedicated to rapid response. We understand the importance of calling to ensure your family's safety, and contacting the appropriate emergency agency, when necessary.



Being non-exclusive & independent from our product suppliers gives us the luxury to hand-pick the highest quality products from select manufacturers to ensure your absolute protection. Our alarm systems undergo rigorous testing procedures. Safe-Tech Security aims to provide the most reliable services coupled with the highest quality security products.


Save up to 38% on your insurance premium.







The Control Panel is the heart and brain of the alarm system, with all of your system components connected to it. The control panel is equipped with a back-up battery to ensure your security, even during a power failure.



Keypads allow you to interact with your alarm system. They feature visual displays that offer real-time status of your protected zones (e.g. doors, windows, rooms, etc.). Both the conventional and touch-screen models integrate emergency buttons (e.g. fire, police, etc.). A chime option is available to alert you when a door opens, even when your system is not armed.

Arming Mode




Away Arm enables maximum protection for when you are away from home. All zones are armed in this option.

Stay Arm enables partial arming; this allows you to be home while still protected. All zones are armed except for motion detectors.

Sleep Arm enables partial arming; this allows you to benefit from maximum security while sleeping. All zones are armed except for motion detectors on bedroom levels.





Keyfobs are wireless remote controls that allow you to Arm & Disarm your security system within 300 feet. They feature optional emergency and garage door control functions.

Wireless Panic Buttons can be activated in case of an emergency within 300 feet of your system, assuring your safety with the push of a button.






Motion Sensors detect movement in a select area. They combine 100% digital precision with effective false alarm prevention. Pet-friendly models allow for pets up to 80 pounds and offer coverage range of 35 feet with a viewing angle of 90 degrees.




Contacts are sensors installed onto doors and windows to detect their opening. Either flush mount or surface mount models are available in a variety of colors to match your decor.  Our industrial models allow for a 3" gap making them ideal for garage doors.


Glass Break Sensors provide early intruder alert  by detecting the sound of shattering glass. One detector covers a diameter of 25 feet.


Panic Buttons can be installed where needed for personal safety, be it at a store counter or bedside. With the push of a button the authorities are dispatched to your premises.



Smoke Detectors provide fire detection. Due to the fast and exponential growth of fire, it is critical to catch it in its first stages. The advantage of a monitored smoke detector is early notification and intervention therefore enormously reducing the damages caused by fire.



Heat & Rate of Rise Detectors also provide fire detection. This type is ideal for hot, dusty or smoky environments such as garages, furnace rooms & restaurants. This detector activates at 135º F and also reacts to rapid heat increases.


CO Sensors detect dangerous levels of this odorless gas that can lead to sudden illness and even death. The most common causes of Carbon Monoxide poisoning are car and truck fumes, burning charcoal or wood, gas ovens, and malfunctioning heating systems.



Gas Sensors detect natural or propane gas leaks from stoves, furnaces, fire places, etc...  Gas leaks are dangerous as they can cause explosions when exposed to a flame or spark.

Sump Pump Fail Sensors detect and signal high water levels in your sump pump well caused by pump failures. Early detection can allow for immediate intervention to help prevent water floods.


Flood Sensors detect water leaks in your home or business which may indicate damaged or broken pipes. Early detection can allow for immediate intervention to help prevent water damage and mold.




Wireless versions of all the devices listed on this page are viable alternatives available for quick and cleaner installation. However, these components require a battery replacement every 3-5 years.


Low Temperature Sensors monitor the interior temperature of your premises and alert you if a dangerous low of 5º C is reached. Early detection allows for immediate intervention to protect against water damage caused by frozen pipes.



Sirens project a piercing sound to alert you and your family of an intrusion, fire, gas or carbon monoxide alarm. This loud, irritating sound also distracts and disorients an intruder, dramatically increasing the chances of  their fleeing the scene.


Exterior Siren / Strobes project a piercing sound and a flashing light attracting attention to your premises when your alarm is triggered.







Save up to 38% on your insurance premium.



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